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Thornbury Clear Choice Spa Maintenance
There's one way to make owning a spa even more relaxing:
Let Thornbury Clear Choice take care of your cleaning and maintenance.

Our spa maintenance program includes:
  • Water quality check
  • Water chemicalization
  • Basic inspection of hot tub and operating system
  • Cover cleaning and conditioning
  • Vacuum debris out of hot tub
  • Clean bar top
  • Clean exterior of spa
  • Adjust water level as needed
  • Add normal chemical (Chlor/Bromine,Tabs,Balancers).
  • Basic filter cleaning

Thornbury Clear Choice has many years of experience repairing all makes and models of hot tubs.

Hot Tub Opening:
We clean out the hot tub, fill it with water, start it up and ensure all equipment is functioning properly.

Hot Tub Closing:
We drain the hot tub, clean all surfaces, blow out the lines and add antifreeze.

Just moved into a house with a hot tub?

Need a refresher on how to operate your current hot tub?

Thornbury Clear Choice can send out a qualified technician to show you how to effectively maintain your spa.

We offer weekly, Bi-weekly and once a month spa and pool service to suit your needs.

For more information please contact Thornbury Clear Choice 
@ 519-599-1154 or Email Us.

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