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Erika Engel
Thornbury Clear Choice Pool Maintenance
On our service days we offer free delivery of our chemical or product to your home .

Weekly Maintenance:
Relax and enjoy your backyard experience. Let Thornbury Clear Choice take care of your pool maintenance.

Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the water line and coping, skimming the pool surface, back washing/rinsing the filters and checking the water chemistry.

Pool Inspections:
Thornbury Clear Choice can do a visual inspection and provide you with a report whether you are purchasing or selling a home with a pool.

Leak Detection:
Losing more water than you should be or having air in your system?  Give Thornbury Clear Choice a call and we will track down any leaks you may have in your pool.

Equipment installation/repair/replacement:
Thornbury Clear Choice can install, repair or replace all makes of pool equipment. This includes pumps, heaters, filters, chlorinators, deck equipment and lighting. Automation of your pools circulation and heating system is just one of the many energy saving options our knowledgable staff can discuss with you.

Sand Change:
Sand should be changed in the filter every 5-7 years. However, if the sand is not chemically cleaned once per season the sand may need to be changed more often.

Secure Cover Installation:
The properly chosen and installed safety cover not only prevents leaves and debris from getting into your pool water while it is closed, it also is designed to prevent accidental submersion, providing an extra level of protection for your family, neighbours, pets and area wildlife. Contact us to find out which safety cover is best for your needs.

Liner Replacement:
Thornbury Clear Choice will specifically measure your pool and install the top quality, custom liner of your choice. We will remove the existing liner, repair any damage, change the coping if necessary and them install the new liner.

Want to change your pool's look or function? Thornbury Clear Choice can install steps or add water features. The possibilities are almost endless to get the pool you want.

Russell Fencing & Decks

Russell Fencing & Decks has been in business for over 23 years serving the Grey, Bruce & Collingwood areas. Owner, Dean Russell is proud of his trade and works alongside his team at Russell Fencing & Decks to ensure quality workmanship.

Russell Fencing & Decks is always competitively priced and looks forward to having the opportunity to earn your business. So when you’re comparing costs on your next fence or deck project, consider Russell Fencing & Decks. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
Heater - Typically using natural gas, propane or heat pump.
Polaris pump - This booster pump is the force behind the Polaris pool cleaner - the best pressure side pool cleaner on the market.
Sanitization system - There are several system options available that will remove algae, and bacteria from your water, and the most common one are salt system or chlorine.
Sand filter - Cleans the pool water. As water travels through a sand filter, suspended dirt particles become trapped in the filter's silica sand media. Over time, the captured particles build up and the filter needs to be "backwashed" to rinse the sand clean. this is typically done once a week. the sand filter media should be clean on start up and the silica should be changed every 4-5 years.
Filter pump - Pulls water from the surface skimmers and the pool bottom main drains. Then, it sends the water to the filter for cleaning, to the heater for heating, and to the sanitization system for disinfecting before returning it back to the pool though the inlet, or returns.

Other pieces of equipment your system may include:

3-way valves - If a whirlpool is attached to your pool, the pool system will have two of these electronic valves. One will be on the filter pump suction side, and the other after the heater, on the return side of the system. Working together, they direct water flow to originate and return to either your pool or your whirlpool.

Whirlpool jet pump - You might have one or two of these, depending on the number of therapy jets the whirlpool contains. The pumps’ sole responsibility is to create the strong, therapeutic, and turbulent hydro-air jet action that our whirlpools are renowned for.

Water feature pump - If you have a waterfall, water spout, negative edge, or sheer decent water sheet as part of your pool design, you will likely have one of these pumps driving that feature. For most water features, we use special “high head” pumps specifically designed for this purpose that reduce energy consumption.

For more information please contact Thornbury Clear Choice 
@ 519-599-1154 or Email Us.
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