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Sometimes dealing with the chemicals that required to keep your hot tub water clean and maintained can be a bit confusing. Relax; you don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry. This will help clarify the things you need to do to continue enjoying your hot tub in a safe, healthy manner.

An Introduction to Sanitizers
Sanitizing your hot tub water is the most important maintenance you can do for yourself. Why? Sanitizers kill bacteria that can grow in warm water. Here is a quick rundown on the different types of sanitizer:

You’re probably familiar with chlorine as the primary sanitizer used in pools. Chlorine can be used in a different concentration in hot tubs. There are chlorine tablets and chlorine granules created specifically for hot tub use.

Bromine can be added to a hot tub in the form of tablets, nuggets or granules. One form is sodium bromide. This needs to be activated with an oxidizer such as chlorine or potassium monopersulfate (non-chlorine) shock. Another bromine product is BCDMH, which is a self-activating chlorine bromine combination. Many people choose bromine over chlorine because bromine Is an effective sanitizer in hot tubs as it doesn’t “gas off” at temperatures Higher that 98 degree and produces fewer odours than chlorine is generally Bromine is generally disrupted through a floating feeder or cartridge system.

Ozone is an oxidizer and not a sanitizers, but it reduces the work of the sanitizers and lowers the level of sanitizers needed in the spa to keep it clean. The ozone process requires that your hot tub is equipped with a piece of equipment called an “ozonator.” Even if you have a ozonator, you will need to supplement your water with a level of sanitizers like bromine or chlorine. (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The idea that a hot tub can be thoroughly sanitized with ozone alone is a myth.) Ozone is compatible with bromine, chlorine, biguanide and mineral systems.

It is a wonderful system that takes into consideration your family’s needs.  It is simple, luxurious, and healthier than other systems.  Its premeasured weekly doses make it easy to use.  The mineral components create crystal clear and gentle-on-the-skin water that you won’t get anywhere else.

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Before adding any sanitizing agent to your hot tub, you must first test the current levels by using a test strip. Test strips are easy to use and formulated to measure the level of bromine, chlorine, content in your water along with the pH levels and calcium levels. Depending on your sanitizer, you should add Sanitizing agents as indicated by the test strip and the instructions on the sanitizer you are using.

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